It all started when I got a photography book from my parents. I began to play with the idea of getting a camera of my own and having a go with it myself. Almost my whole next year was spent reading all sorts of articles and books about photography; allowing me to begin to imagine how I would take such photos. Then, in early 2010, I got my first camera. It was love at first sight. From that moment I took it everywhere and, whenever I had the chance, I practiced. After I learned all the different settings and modes, I realized I wanted to breathe life into the photos. I wanted to take photos not only of objects and nature but to capture moments and feelings. I wanted to take portraits, but I didn't know how to start them. I began collecting ideas and recommendations; I started taking photos of my girlfriend and everybody in my surroundings. Soon, the photos started to get better, and I saved up more and more money to buy a professional camera. The big day finally arrived and I bought a Nikon. From then on, there was no stopping.



I believe photography can't be learnt. One has to feel it. Naturally, you have to learn all the tricks of the trade, but the customers' requirements are vital to meet in every single project. One must get the vibe of the situation and the character of the customers while also adding your own personal input to make the photos honest and representative. I believe the most important aspect of every project is to have honest and open communication with the partners, clients and/or models. It is everyone's goal to attain the highest standard of photography so that a suitable product may be delivered to the customer, and good communication is how you achieve that. I love what I am doing and I treat every project as a new challenge and I try to do my utmost to satisfy clients.


It is not enough to simply document things; almost everybody can do that nowadays. You have to capture the essence of the moment so you can tell its story. It can be a smile or two people catching each others eyes. It doesn't matter what project I have, the processing is of utmost important. With the help of these finishing touches you can perfectly mirror the feeling of the event while also giving new perspectives for every participant to enjoy. To achieve this, every photo I take undergoes a very careful process of retouching before handing the finished product to the customer.


"If your pictures aren't good enough, you're not close enough.”  Robert Capa

The above quotation is true in lots of cases, but I would like to give my personal thoughts on it. Often, it is not enough to simply be close. I have to find a way to be able to capture the situation or moment while remaining as close to invisible as possible. Nobody likes a big black camera constantly watching them and as soon as the photographer starts to annoy the subject, the spontaneity of the moment is lost. I consider myself an energetic photographer and try to always find new and different angles from which to capture moments, while always attempting to stay 'invisible'.


Wedding photography:

Taking photos of weddings and couples are my main profile.

Sport photography:

I'm a photographer of Veszprem Handball Team.

Event and Interior photography:

New York Kávéház - Boscolo Hotel
Kieselbach Galéria
Centrál Kávéház
Hadik Kávéház
Szatyor Bár és Galéria
Púder Bárszínház és Galéria

Holdudvar Margitsziget
WNDRLND Margitsziget

Gastro photography:

Hadik Kávéház
Szatyor Bár és Galéria
Púder Bárszínház és Galéria
Centrál Kávéház

Hotel Quality Auditors Club meetings:

Courtyard Budapest City Center Marriott